Get a Free Amazon gift card with our code generator

You want to shop online or perhaps you want to send a gift to a fried without putting at risk your personal information or credit card number? No problem. With our Amazon gift card code generator you can have access to free gift cards with $100 of value from the world’s largest online retailer - Amazon.

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Get your free gift card simply by entering your email or the email of the person you wish to send a gift card, then select the gift card, your coutry, the amazon store and click generate. In a few minutes you will receive an email with the amazone code.

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Enter your email (password is not required, never give it away) then select one of the Amazon stores and your country. Your IP address will be hidden and you will recieve the code for the amazon gift card via email.

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The truth about free amazon gift cards

Yes, there are gift cards that amazon and various advertisers are giving away for free. But be careful there are numerous scam sites that are promising you unlimited amounts of these gift cards, when in fact that’s not even possible. If that were true, than everybody would just generate free gift codes and nobody would ever spend money for purchasing stuff from amazon and everybody would have thousands of dollars on their amazon accounts without spending a dime.

The truth is that you can only generate one amazon gift card per email. This limitation was requested from the advertisers themselves, so it won’t come to a situation where most of the gift cards end up to one user’s amazon account. Or, in other words, there is always the chance that some people will try to abuse this free service. But, we’ve made sure that all users get their fair share, by limiting the number of gift cards that one user can generate. As mentioned above, the rule is - one gift code per email. However, you can insert an email to a friend or a person you wish to send gift to and he will get a gift code from you.

How to redeem the free codes?

You can redeem the codes any time you want, they do not expire. With millions of items to choose from, you can treat yourself with something right away, or you can wait for the big sales and get even more stuff for the value of the Amazon Gift Card. All you have to do is enter your email and choose the correct Amazon store to generate codes for. For example if you are from Germany – choose; if you are from France – choose; if you are from UK choose and so on.

This is very important step because you cannot use an card to buy goods from or or you can use it but it gets too complicated – you can order the goods from and you have them shipped to France, Germany or whichever country you live in. So make sure you choose correctly. And remember you can only generate one gift code per email.

How to send gift codes to another person?

The same rule applies if you want to send a gift card to a friend or a loved one. The difference being that instead of entering your email, you need to enter the email of the person you wish to send the card to. Unfortunately, the option of sending some kind of personal message or animation is not possible as it is when you purchase a card directly from Amazon.
But you can always send them an email or skype them to let them know that the card was gift from you. After all these are free Amazon gift cards which won’t cost you a dime.

How to generate amazon gift card code?

All you need, in order to generate free gift card codes, is a working device (PC, tablet or smartphone) running on Android, Windows or iOS and stable Internet connection. In the form above enter the requested fields and click the "Generate" button. In other words, enter your email; choose the Amazon store you wish to generate the code for and click "Generate". After this you will wait a few seconds/minutes until the process is finished. Then you will receive an email with the code which you can later redeem at amazon and buy the things you want.

If you want to send a gift card to a friend or a dear person, the process is the same, just instead of your email, you should enter the email of the person you wish to send the gift card to. Remember to choose the correct Amazon store if the person you are sending the gift code is living in other country. At the moment our Amazon gift card code generator is able to generate gift cards of the value of $100 and due to the previous experience of abuse, the advertisers are limiting the free gift cards to one card per email. So, hurry up and get your Free Amazon Gift Card or surprise your loved ones by sending them a gift card which can be redeemed at the world’s largest online retailer. Please, do not abuse this free service and have in mind that we have the right to ban you if you are misusing our generator.